What to Expect

What will my Dog experience at the Salon?

Your pet will enjoy a relaxing bath with our bathing system that cleans right down to the skin, even on the thickest and dirtiest dogs! We offer several premium shampoos to choose from that are specifically formulated and PH balanced just for your fur kid and will tackle odors, shedding, fleas/ticks, skin problems due to allergies and irritations and will even whiten your dogs coat. Each service includes a bath, toe nail trimming, ear cleaning and hair removal, anal gland expression by request and a cologne at the end to keep your pet smelling fresh! We also offer a complete low shed furminator treatment, nail grinding, tooth brushing (including a dental treat and breath spray) and a pad cream good for cracked paws during the cooler months and the heat of the Texas summer. We also do just baths too. Please call us with any questions about pricing!


How long do grooms take?

All of our grooming clients drop their pets off between 7am-8am the morning of their appointment. The groomer will call you when your pet is ready to be picked up. Most grooms take between 1 and 4 hours depending on the breed, size, condition and temperament of your pet. Something that makes our salon more unique is that your pet does not have to sit in a kennel awaiting their haircut! We are part of the Shady Acres Pet Ranch, a full service daycare and boarding facility, and are offering a free session of daycare with your first appointment! This also helps with the stress of dropping off and picking up your pet while juggling work and school schedules, allowing you to drop off as early as 7am on weekdays and pick up by 6pm.


What About Puppies?

We LOVE puppies! It is very important to get your new puppy groomed as early as possible to ensure a healthy coat and less stress later down the road. We offer a puppy trim for dogs between the ages of 8 weeks old and 5 months, which includes a bath, nail trimming, ear cleaning, and a light neaten up between their eyes, face, paws/feet, private areas and tail all for $25.00! Puppies must be current on vaccines to participate in Daycare.